In a nutshell, The World’s Top 100 ClubFitters exemplify superior skill, experience, passion and integrity.

The World’s Top 100 ClubFitters put performance ahead of profits.  They truly care about their golfers.

Every golf coach and teacher will admit it is impossible to teach or improve a golfer’s game if they are playing with ill-fitting clubs. Yet many continue to give lessons to those who must contort their bodies and their swing to accommodate ill-fitting clubs.  Years later the golfer will have to re-learn their swing to improve.

Today, virtually every major brand offers “club fitting” on-line on their own websites.  Most all of the big chain golf retailers offer “club fitting” services in-house and on-line.  Many coaches and teachers offer fittings as well.   The race is on in the industry to get golfers fit at their venue.

It’s confusing with all of the marketing dollars shouting: “We are the Best”.   So how does the golfing public know where to get a great fitting with a skilled professional who really cares about their game?  Here are a few guidelines:


  1. Experience and training are critical … and that takes years, even decades to achieve.  So many retailers hire unskilled novices, give them a couple of weeks training and put them on the floor with a sales quota to meet.  High turnover is a warning light to avoid.
  2. Reputation is critical … Professional clubfitters care about their golfers and the golfers know it.  Ask around for referrals.
  3. Professionals who have started their own fitting centers are usually very dedicated and talented, they know that they will succeed because of the reputation they have earned.
  4. Professionals should have access to state-of-the-art studios, including launch monitors, frequency analyzers, the ability to test various options utilizing universal connector systems
  5. Avoid buying off the internet … period.


We are very proud of the exceptional Professionals around the globe who have earned the title of the World’s Top 100 ClubFitters.

AUSTRALIA NSW Jeff Mansfield Jeff Mansfield Golf Solutions
  VIC Bryan Ferguson Brian Ferguson PGA
  WA Greg Ashton Golfstix
  WA Mostyn Farmer GolfStix
AUSTRIA   Andreas Lauss Makrogolf at Golfclub Ottenstein
    Florian Kepp F K Golf
    Harry Zott HZ Fitting
CANADA AB Jorden Jensen Alberta Golf Works
  AB Jordy McKenzie Alberta Golf Works
  BC Terry Stav Golf West
  BC Chris Knight Vista Ridge Golf
  NB Bob Bissonette Cave Clubworks Studio
  NB Bob Spicer RJS Custom Clubs
  QC Philippe Gariepy Atelelier at Generation Golf
  QC Pierre Lamothe Atelier De Golf Rock-Divot at Generation Golf
CZECH REP.   Jiri Votroubek Golf 59
    Milan Vantuch Albatross Golf
ENGLAND   Matt Pearson Performance Fitting Center at Waterton
FRANCE   Olivier Chalon C.O. Golf
    Jean-Michel Queva Queva Clubfitting
    Marc Brossard MB Clubs
    Arnaud Smaghe Gard & Golf
    Joe Perroud Fit at Joe's
    Gaeten Seznac Bretagne Clubmaking
    Gregory Aspesberro GA Clubmaker
    Jimmy Klepman JK Fitting
GERMANY   Eric Muschalla PMG
    Gerald Friz Myclubmaker GmbH, Golf+IT
    Richard Phillips Richard Phillips Proshop M/S Tinnen
INDONESIA   Gavin Webb Jakarta Golf Coach
IRELAND   Bernard Quigley Bernard Quigley Golf
KENYA   Saaleem Haji Vipingo Ridge Golf Academy
MALAYSIA   Jaya "Gop" Shanker Golf Fitter Malaysia
NETHERLANDS   Peter Graham Peter Graham Golf Center
    Marcel de Jager Golfhunter
    Wilbert Bruins Slot Golfschool Westwould
N. IRELAND   Nigel Shaw NS Golf Tech at Warrenpoint Golf Club
PHILIPPINES   Francis Go Custom Clubmakers International
    Jake Ong Custom Clubmakers International
SINGAPORE   Joseph Loo XLNgolf Pte Ltd
    Ignatius Tan XLNgolf Pte Ltd
SLOVENIA   Viljem Kern Kern Golf
SOUTH KOREA   Brian Choi Tayoon Golf
SPAIN   Agustin Sanchez Golfinteligente
    Juan Carlos Garcia Diaz Golf Planet - Oviedo
    Mateo Noel Fit & Golf
SWEDEN   Johanna Pyk-Jargard Johanna's Golf Shop
    Peter Wendel Peter Wendel Golf
    Tony Guelli Golf Performance Sweden
SWITZERLAND   Giuseppe "Pepe" Naula Pepe's Golf-Clinic
    Norbert Studer R&L Golf
UNITED STATES AR Robert Mapes Golfstx
  AR Trevor Shanke Golfstx
  AZ Nick Nichols TNT Golfs @ Peoria Pines Golf Club
  CA Hector Avila Advanced Golf Performance Studio
  CA Jim Perez Advanced Golf Performance, Bluff Pointe Golf Course
  CA Chad Dietz Foreward Golf
  CA Dan Rogers Foreward Golf
  CA Brad Whalen KZG Performance Center
  CA Brad Benke KZG Performance Center
  CA Phil Moore Phil Moore Golf
  CA Jimmy Palmieri Bahama Golf
  CO Bryan "Buddy" Beem Buddy Beem Custom Clubs
  FL Rick Cicero Pin High's Future
  FL David Vaught Venice Golf Center
  FL Mike D'Orazio Mike's Honest Golf, PGA Natl.
  FL Mike Riso Mike Riso Golf
  FL Alex Wilson Broward Golf Center
  GA Nick Prokosa Wedges and Woods
  GA Bobbie Reeves Tee Time Golf Studios of West Point
  IA Chris Larson The Clubhouse Indoor Golf
  MI Justin Lindemann Pipestone Indoor Golf
  NC Kelly York Kelly's Custom Golf
  ND Andrew Baumann Golf Etc. - Bismarck
  ND Matt Rueb Golf Etc. - Bismarck
  NJ Bob Cardea South Jersey Golf Schools
  NJ Rich Stolz South Jersey Golf Schools
  NJ Tom Brower Tee 2 Green Indoor Golf Center
  NJ Bernie Dunne Bernie Dunne Custom Clubs
  NJ Tim Mosel Tim Mosel's Golf
  OH Dave Freed DV Golf
  PA Nick Biondi Nick Biondi Golf
  PA Jerry Hintze The Clubmaker
  PA Rick Musselman Musselman's Golf
  PA Tim Musselman Musselman's Golf
  PA Chris Dahl Golf Science Center
  PA Jeff DeCoen York Indoor Golf & Training Center
  SC Ryne Huggins Pro Swing Columbia
  TX Max Garrett Golf Smart
  TX Leslie Knight Next Level Golf
  WA Alex Tibbits Swing Lounge Spokane
  WA Kyle Marvin Westside Golf Academy
  WI Scott Hauser Northland Golf & Ski
  WI Dave Enos Northland Golf & Ski
  WV John Hutzler Swing Fit


An independent panel of industry experts have set the criteria necessary to be considered one of the World’s Top 100 Professional ClubFitters.  The panel includes: Clay Long, renowned club designer and personal fitter for Jack Nicklaus; Gene Parente, President of Golf Laboratories, Inc., the premier golf equipment testing facility and producer of robot testing utilized by virtually every equipment manufacturer; J.J. King, President and founder of KZG, the #1 Custom ProLine; and Dr. Christian Reichardt, doctor of sports medicine and author of “Pain Free Golf”.

A 120-point system based on the criteria was generated to objectively evaluate each applicant.  They include:

1-30 points:           A sincere commitment to help every golfer play their best and have earned an outstanding reputation in their community for doing so.

1-10 points:           An ability to converse with the golfer to assess the golfer’s goals, understand any disabilities.

1-10 points:           The ability to educate the golfer through each step of the fitting process.

1–10 points:          Number of years as a professional coach, teachers and fitter

1-10 points:           Regular attendance at schools and seminars to maintain knowledge and raise the bar for their profession

1-10 points:           Knowledge of golf club head specifications and shaft profiles, including design features and manufacturing processes

1-10 points:           Knowledge of interpreting analysis data and use of launch monitors, frequency analyzers and videos during their fittings

1-10 points:           Maintains a wide selection of heads and shafts and ability to select the optimum combination for any given golfer

1-10 points:           Assumes responsibility for the build of the custom clubs; checks that fitting instructions are adhered to precisely and

double checks all specifications before handing clubs to the golfer

1-10 points:           A high level of integrity, placing the golfer’s performance as their primary goal rather than profits.  They do not sell over

the internet or the phone, but rather believe that every golfer deserves to have a personalized face-to-face fitting to guarantee maximum performance for the golfer.