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NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (Jan. 13, 2012) - KZG, the #1 Custom ProLine™, is pleased to announce the “World's Top 100 ClubFitters” for 2012. Each year KZG honors 100 professionals possessing superior skill, integrity and passion for clubfitting. This is the seventh year in a row KZG has honored the elite of the industry’s clubfitters.


“Industry leaders concur that there are only around 500 truly qualified Professional Fitters in the entire world, clearly insufficient to service the golfing public,” reports Jennifer King, President of KZG. “There are tens of thousands of sales reps and teachers who claim to be professional fitters, yet fall far short of what a bona fide professional can actually do for a golfer. A real fitter is also part psychologist, engineer and swing master. They don’t sell clubs; they sell game improvement. We salute this year’s Top 100 who have raised the bar for their profession, have unsurpassed integrity and skill and passion for the game and for all who play it. “


This year’s honorees hail from 20 countries around the world, including 36 from the UK/Europe, 37 from the United States, 13 from Canada, 7 from Asia, 6 from Australia, and 1 from Africa. Winners range from small shops serving rural areas to large performance centers with multiple fitters and instructors.

World’s Top 100 Clubfitters




Arno Lindsberger, Arno Golf at Golfschule Sterngartl


Gerold Fiechtl, GF Clubfitting


Davis Lauss, Golfclub Ottenstein


Eddy Pelgrims, Golf Fitting Studio


Vincent Willems, Golf Centrum Puurs


Rene Cleaver, Club Masters


Gene Fulton, Corporate Golf


Cameron Russell, Hedge End Golf Center


Lee Porter, Hylands Golf Academy


Sami Siren, Golfpaja


Arnaud Smaghe, Gard & Golf


Marc Brossard, MB Clubs


Alexandre D’Incau, Pro Clubmaker


Jean-Michel Queva, Queva Clubfitting


Alistair Grandison, Bob & Son


Gerald Friz, Golf+IT


Richard Phillips, Golf Gleidingen


Karlheinz Palm, Nostratec Golf Service Center


Olivier Chalon, Golf Planet s.a.r.l.


Brian Griffiths, Golfacademy Brian Griffiths


Theo Erben, FATco Golfclub


Marcel de Jager, Golfhunter


Tim Nijenhuis, Nijenhuis Golf


Henk Kroeke & Elvin Muller, Quality Golf Shop


Ed Robertson, Applied Golf Technology


Scott Gourlay, SGGT at Craigmillar Park Golf Club


Juan Carlos Garcia Diaz, Golf Planet


Agustin Sanchez, Golfinteligente


Breit Olsson, Brejans


John Ahlblom, Golfakademin I Uppsala AB


Marten Nord, JN Utbildining & Utveckling


Johanna Pyk-Jargard, Johanna’s Golfshop


Pepe Naula, Pepe's Golf Clinic


Norbert Studer & Willi Vogt, R & L Custom Golf



United States:



John Gose, Full Swing Golf


Chris Plummer, Golf Etc.–Fort Smith


Flip Whitner, S&P Golf


Matt Coe, Bay Golf


Terry Kim & Sean Woo, Golf Tech–Sunnyvale


Matt Mora, KZG Fitting Center


Mike Keener, Marc’s Golf Service


Kyle Cullum & Darby Feiler, No Bogeys Golf


Sam Goulden, Sam Goulden Golf


David Kierstead, SoCal Golf


Bryan “Buddy” Beem, Colorado Custom Golf


Dan Holtman & Coe Kunz, Striker Golf


Dan Yoakam, Dan's High Tech Golf


Josh Musselman & Josh Lubbers, Golf Express


Jeff Parrott & Mel Juhl, Golf Provisions


Michael Girard, Tree Tops Golf


Chris Larson, The Clubhouse


Kansas: Mike Dickerson & John Mitchell, Golf MD

North Carolina

Karl Seibel, Golf Etc.–Tech Studio


Kelly York, Kelly’s Custom Golf

New Hampshire

Ken Collins, Kustom Clubs Fitting Center

New Jersey

New Jersey: Bernie Dunne, Bernie Dunne Custom Clubs

New York

Paul Sanders, Ravenwood Golf Academy


Dave Freed, Akron Golf Clubs


Kirby Bolen, Golf Stix


Bill Kumle, Rollandia Golf Center


Jerry Hintze, Clubmakers Shop


Robert Erickson, Golf Augusta Pro Shops

South Carolina

Lynn Griffin, The Golf Stop


Mike Nugent, Impact Golf


Ed Teer, Dynamic Golf Studio






Rick McKenzie & Jordy McKenzie, Alberta Golf Works


Lyle Helland, Simply Golf


Ron Anderson, Tour Stix Golf

British Columbia

Terry Stav, Golf West Specialty Shop


Lionel Newton, Newton's Law Golf


Chris Knight, Vista Ridge


Nova Scotia: Tom Rice, Metro Indoor Golf


Don Irving, Artisan Golf Co.


Rene Grandmaison, Grand Lynx Golf Center


Murray Young, Paradise Golf


Michel Bard, Golf la Tempete


Peter Lamothe, Golf Option






Clement Cheong, Hoogolf Performance Center


Alistair Guthrie, The Old Clubhouse


Francis Go & Jake Ong, Custom Clubmakers International


Khee Wei Seow & Melvin Cheng, Wiz Golf Performance Center

South Korea

Brian Choi, Tayoon DotCom Ltd.






Greg Ashton, Ashton Ent. Propreitary Ltd.


Garry Calder, Golf Club Innovations


John Upston, Killarney Golf Practice Fairway


Graeme Trew, Murwillumbah Golf Club


Rob Grant, Pro Tuned Golf


Stephen Herbert, Royal Fremantle





South Africa

Warren Lake, Golf Science


An independent panel of industry experts determined the criteria necessary to be considered a top clubfitting professional. From the criteria submitted, a point system was put into place to grade each application. The panel included Clay Long, renowned club designer and personal fitter for Jack Nicklaus; Gene Parente, president of Golf Laboratories, Inc.; Jennifer King, KZG’s President; and Dr. Christian Reichardt, author and doctor of sports medicine and fitness. Founded in 1994, KZG offers equipment available in the finest retail facilities with authorized KZG professional clubfitters on staff. KZG’s program of partnering with only the top professional clubfitters to fit its award-winning equipment has catapulted KZG to a position of prominence in customized golf equipment. KZG’s comprehensive selection of premium golf equipment includes the finest drivers, woods, irons, wedges and putters, in addition to a wide variety of accessories and apparel.

For more information, visit or call toll-free 1-800-200-8800.